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    Purchasing Nickel Materiel
    1.Purchasing Categories
    Two categories: Nickel and nickel alloy , unalloyed nickel Mix up materials.
    Nickel and nickel alloy materials include pure nickel and nickel alloy Mix up materials.
    Unalloyed nickel Mix up materials include Mix up nickel powder, battery materials, nickel mud, nickel accelerant, rough nickel salt and Mix up materials containing nickel. For nickel Mix up materials, the nickel content should be more than 6%. For rough nickel sulfate and rough nickel carbonate, the nickel content should be more than 10% after desiccation. For rough nickel chloride, rough nickel nitrate and rough nickel hydroxide, the nickel content should be more than 10% after desiccation .For cobalt and nickel Mix up materials, the cobalt content should be more than 3% and the nickel content should be more than 8%.
    2. Trial Order Quantity: One Container at least
    3. Purchasing Quality Standard for Reference and Instruction

    Serial Number




    Mix up Nickel Powder

    No different types of materials and other pollutions. The description of goods, the content of nickel, analysis method and packing should be negotiated by both buyer and seller.


    Nickel Mud

    Nickel Mix up materials which is produced in the process of nickel electrolysis and plating.


    Nickel Accelerant

    Come from other industry such as petroleum catalyst, food. Mainly take Al2O3 as carrier, the content of nickel is 3%-4%.


    Rough Nickel Salt

    All kinds of nickel salt. Include: nickel sulfate, nickelous chloride, nickelous hydroxide and nickel oxide,etc..


    Nickel Mix up materials

    Nickel hearth agglomeration, Mix up materials etc..

    It's not allowed to mix sealed container, flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive materials and medical waste into nickel materials. The impurities in nickel materiel which have influence on environment and radioactive pollution are not allowed.


    The impurities on the surface of nickel materiel should be eliminated.
    Under transportable condition, the biggest external dimension of single lump of Mix up nickel can be negotiated and determined by both parties of seller and buyer and indicated in the contract.
    The nickel in the nickel materiel and nickel alloy should exist as metallic state or alloy state, not the compound containing nickel.

    Inspection Methods
    The status and cleanliness of nickel and nickel alloy are usually inspected by eyes. If necessary, sampling can be taken to measure the weight and dimension. The methods of supplying Mix up nickel materials, dealing with impurities, measuring external dimension and single block weight should be negotiated and determined by both parties and stipulated in the contract.
    The sampling method of materiel and other relative matters should be negotiated and determined by both parties of seller and buyer.

    Inspection and Acceptance
    The inspection for nickel materiel could be consigned to the third party (such as AHK, SGS, and ALEX STEWART), the seller should guarantee the quality conforming to the stipulation of the contract

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