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    Antimony alloy Scraps

    We regularly purchase the following in large quantity
    1. Various kinds of antimony compound containing antimony.
    2. Antimony alloy scraps.
    3. Antimony compound, antimony anode slime, and converter compound from smelting plant.
    4. Compound containing antimony, lead, bismuth and silver.
    5. Antimony products not reaching the industrial standard: antimony trichloride; antimony pentachloride; antimony triacetate; antimony glycolate, antimony trioxide, and sodium antimonite.

    Category of Antimony materials


    Name of Antimony materials

    Requirements & Standards

    Antimony materials

    antimony chips, antimony threads, antimony trichloride ,antimony pentachloride, antimony triacetate, antimony glycolate, antimony trioxide that has not reached the industrial standard .

    Antimony materials of the same type can not be less than 50 Mt

    Scraps of antimony alloy

    Antimony and lead alloy scraps, copper and antimony alloy scraps, Ag and Sb alloy scraps

    The same type can not be less than 100 Mt, no limit on Antimony content

    Antimony slag

    Antimony alkali compound , the antimony compound from the hydrometallurgy, furnace bottom dust, antimony anode slime, and compound ore contain antimony from all kinds of smelting plants.

    Antimony content must be above 15%.The same type of compound must not be less than 200 Mt

    Quality and Shape
    It's not allowed to mix flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and radioactive substances into antimony scraps.
    The impurities on the surface of antimony scraps should be eliminated.
    The deduction methods of the impurities in antimony scraps and the measurement methods of
    external dimension and unit block weight should be negotiated and determined by both parties of seller and buyer.
    Inspection and Acceptance
    The inspection of antimony scraps could be consigned to the third party (such as AHK, SGS, and ALEX STEWART). The seller should guarantee that the quality conform to this standard or stipulation of the contract.
    The antimony scraps should be submitted for inspection by lots; each lot should be composed by the same category, same group and same grade. No limit on batches.
    Sampling and Others
    The sampling methods of antimony scraps as well as other relative matters should be negotiated and determined by both parties of seller and buyer and indicated in the contract.
    Transportation and Storage
    The antimony scraps in different categories and groups can not be mixed-loading during transportation.
    During the transportation, loading, unloading and stacking, the antimony scraps should
    not be mixed with explosive, flammable, corrosive, virulent, radioactive substances and garbage.
    And also the facilities which are polluted by above materials should not be used for loading & unloading. There must be rain protection, snow protection and fire protection facilities if there are special requirements.


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