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    Xinhuan Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant
      In January, 2008, Huachang Antimony Industry invested to Xinhua Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant and took charge of purchasing raw materials for the plant. Established in March, 1985, the former name of Xinhuan Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant is Lei yang Lead & Zinc Smelting Plant. Being a manufacturer, Xinhuan Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant has 112 employees now, and mainly smelts non-ferrous metals. It is good at separating copper and lead, refining lead. The smelting workshops for tin and cobalt&nickel are under preparation now. It mainly smelts, produces non-ferrous metals and separates copper and zinc.
      Xinhua Non-ferrous Metal Smelting Plant is built up with a blast furnace, two bismuth smelting furnaces, a carburizing furnace, a roasting furnace, two silver boiling furnaces, two large-sized reverberatory furnaces and a copper melting furnace as well as a lead electrolyzing workshop and a silver electrolyzing workshop which are mainly based on pyrometallurgy. In 2006 we passed the associate inspection of environmental protection department from county, city and province and attained the national emission standard with the Province-certificate of environmental protection award.
    Yiyang Global Star Mining Co., Ltd
      In December 2007, Yiyang Global Star Mining Co., Ltd was established which mainly smelts the tailing ores of lead & antimony and produces lead&antimony alloy. The production lines for regenerating and using other non-ferrous metals also have been under preparation and construction.
    Jiangxi Oxide Copper Smeltery
      Here are 5 production lines in Jiangxi Oxide Copper Smeltery.. Here we smelt rough copper ingot by Oxide copper ore, copper tailings, copper blister, copper materials and other complex copper material. Our advantage is that we can mix different type of copper ?materials and scrap to process them into rough copper ingot.

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